Mike & Lindsay, Engaged | Falls of the Ohio Clarksville, IN

First stop… Widow’s Peak for some yummy ice cream!

That’s right… the Widow’s Peak is for sale.  :(  Go get your hair did, and ice cream while you still can.  

Don’t you love this view!??

You both have GORGEOUS EYES!!

Work that attitude!

I love a steep hill.  It was hard to resist the urge to roll down.  Anyone else do that as a kid?

Favorite?  It’s hard to say, they’re all so great. 

Mike & Lindsay.. where to begin, where to begin…  how about 3 years ago.  Lindsay was one of my past bride’s Maid Of Honor, and lets just put it this way- when she contacted me, even 3 years later I remembered exactly who she was!  You see, Lindsay is the kind of person with so much personality and charisma it’s kinda hard to NOT remember her.  So when she said she was ready for an engagement session of her own, I knew this guy MUST be something special!  

Oh, Mike!  He’s quite a guy himself, too.  He’s tough and creative.  He’s an entrepreneur.  And he knows what he wants in life.  When he saw Lindsay for the first time (while he just so happen to be walking by her office on a job of his own).  He knew what he had to do… a few dates and text messages later… they were in love. 

And here they are a year later.  Planning their amazingly original wedding… with a BOWLING RECEPTION!!!  I love you guys.  

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